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max schulz - Fine Art NFT's



Since the start of 2021 a selection of my works is available via the NFT space online as digital fine art.

I am happy that creatives have the chance to concentrate more on their artistic potential. Collectors enable us to spend a more significant amount of time on progressing as contemporary artists. This strengthens a new, more liberated art market in which many voices can be heard. Career paths that have long been thought to be dead will shine once more, and I am very happy to be part of a young movent in which I already made meaningful connections with fellow creators and interested collectors.


Additionally, I am also happy to work in close collaboration with fellow artists, or directly for private commissioners. Contact me via the email below:



Below you can see the roadmap of my upcoming series:


Green Portrait Series

Green Portrait 2/3 (soon)

Green Portrait 3/3 (soon)

Greek Goddesses Series

Goddess Demeter 2/3 (soon)

Goddess Artemis 3/3 (soon)