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Hi, my name is Max Schulz and I have been working as a visual development artist and

concept artist for the last 14 years, in New Zealand, the UK and currently in Hamburg, Germany.

The focus of my work lies between world/style building, conceptual design and traditional

cover and editorial illustration for videogames and movies.


If you would like to work with me, feel free to leave me an email here: info@xoco1.com


2008                 graduated after two years study of "further education design"

2008                 parallel Internship at art3D, 3D Animation-Studio

2008 - 2010     Cranberry Production,  Game-Development, Hannover

2010                 co-founded Cave Creatures,   Indie Game Developer

2011 - 2012     Grinding Gear Games Ltd.,  Game-Development, Auckland

2012                 tutoring Digital Illustration at the Art School Oldenburg

2012 - 2016     studying Illustration at University of Applied Science Hamburg

2012 - now      Freelance Concept Artist / Visual Development Artist

2015                studied one semester Fashion Design at University of Applied Science

2015                 founded "zeerup" Art Outsourcing Collective

2016                 Senior Concept Artist, Atomhawk Design Ltd., Newcastle

2017 - 2018      Visual Development Artist, Threaks GmbH, Hamburg

2018 - 2021       Art Director, Threaks GmbH, Hamburg
2021 - now       Senior Concept Artist, Innogames GmbH, Hamburg



-Warner Brothers

-Warner Games

-Aaron Sims Company

-Colossal Order

-Atomhawk Design Ltd.



-Crystal Dynamics

-Grinding Gear Games Ltd.

-Daedalic Entertainment


-InnoGames GmbH

-West Studio
-Axis Studios
-Hydra Studios
-Airborn Studios

-Tokkun Studio


-Airship Images

-Threaks GmbH

-dtp entertainment ag

-Cranberry Production




-Suicide Squad (Consoles)

-Battle Planet - Judgement Day (PC)

-Wonderwoman (Film)

-Injustice 2 (Consoles)

-Unsung Heroes (iOS)

-Dungeons 3 (PC)

-Blackguards 2 (PC)

-Path of Exile (PC)
- Rise of Cultures (Mobile)

-Montana 16 (Mobile)

-Lost Chronicles of Zerzura (PC)

-Elvenar (Browser)

-Black Mirror III (PC)

-Black Mirror 2 (PC)

-Mystery Agency I-III (PC)

-Ski Jumping-Winter Sports (Mobile)

-Void Hammer (facebook)

-Crazy School Games (NDS)


publications & awards: 


- "LUKS" #3, #4 German Illustration Annual

- "2DARTIST" #106, #113 Digital Art Magazine

- "Hardcover Artbook" #1, #2


- ICMA International Corporate Media Award

  "ATLAS" Magazine (Portrait Illustrations)


talks & exhibitions:


- "Communication in the Art Department"

   (Vilnius, GameOn 2019)

   (Moscow, DevGamm 2018)

   (Hamburg, Magnology Conf. 2017)

- The Do's & Don'ts of Concept Art

  (Hamburg, MAG Conf. 2019)


-"Time in Game Design"

    (Play Festival 2017)


- Festival of Illustrators Oldenburg 2012

- Annual Illustration Exhibition HAW Hamburg

- "LUKS" Release Exhibition 2014, 2015